Who’s Taylor Cone? Nobody really. Just a 24 year old with lotsĀ of passions and interests: horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, traveling, reading, writing, planning, designing random obscure things, social issues, law, politics, becoming way too entrenched in way too many fandoms-and tagging my friends in about 50 memes per hour.

A quick snapshot: I’m very happily engaged. I live in San Antonio. I’m a graduate student at UTSA. I’m majoring in Political Science-and no, I don’t want to be a politician, those are public administration majors. My dream is to be a lawyer, and to work for an activist organization related to one of my many political interests. I really only signed up for grad school because I got VIP admittance and a scholarship, and because at the time I was having an existential crisis (and wasn’t sure if I had it in me to be a lawyer-but I’m over that now) I am currently writing a fantasy series. I go to Harry Potter World every year with my best friends. I have a cat named Luna Lovegood. I’m a hatstall-ravenclaw (I tied for Gryffindor in the original Pottermore). I was born in Austin, the best place in Texas. I’ve been riding horses since I was 8. I moved to Canada to work at a barn for 3 months before I went to college. I currently ride 4 days a week, about three horses a day at Russell Equestrian as a ‘part time’ ‘working student’. Someday I’ll return to the ‘A’ circuit, but alas, that will probably still be in about 4 years or so. The whole finishing grad school and law school thing. Oh and I need a horse.

But these hardly give you a good idea of me-at least personality wise. Get to know me better through my posts and follow me on my personal Instagram @taycone.

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