Pursuing ‘side interests’ in your Twenties

Have something you always wanted to try, but just never really got around to it? Maybe you didn’t have the money, or the timing was wrong-or you simply just are kept way too busy for it?

Well, there will always be a million excuses not to do something. And maybe there are some really rational reasons not to do so. But one thing I’ve learned about being a twenty-something, is that life isn’t supposed to be a 100% rational. ESPECIALLY not our twenties.

Recently, as in, two days ago, I bought a DSLR camera with my fiancé. Yes it was a purchase I definitely didn’t need, yes I hardly make any money as a part time graduate assistant, and yes I guess in my future I have some pretty hefty expenses (Law School, Horses, ideally a house) But you know what? Right now, I’m 24. And right now, I want to have fun taking some photos.

Yesterday, Brian and I took the day to do some exploring around The Pearl, a small market/business/living area in San Antonio. And oh my god it was so much fun.

If I’ve done this properly, you should be able to click those pictures to view a full size file. Not too terrible our first time out with the camera, but of course we’re amateurs-and will stay amatuers- but hopefully our photo skills will improve.

But it was just so great having some sort of creative outlet. I get so bored watching Netflix, and sometimes going on a hike just isn’t enough to entice my brain. I need a mental outlet, not just a physical one-and it’s nice having a challenge, too.

We also took some photos out on our hiking trail, which I think turned out pretty cool.

The main point I’m trying to make of all this is: if you have something your interested in, do it. What I’ve found in my life is that the things I’m interested in have always added to my life, not taken away from it. It doesn’t matter if it just becomes a hobby, or it’s not your main interest. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t bring you ‘anything’ in the monetary sense.

Thinking in that way that you have to constantly be pursuing things that lead to financial gain is just depressing. That our lives always have to be about money. That everything we do needs to be for our future financial security. It leaves much of us with little room to enjoy the present. And after all, isn’t the present all we really, actually have?

While I’m certainly not doubting the importance of money-there is SO MUCH to enjoy in life, and although it seems like we should always be planning for our future selves, maybe invest in your present self now and then.

In the end, I think your future mental health will thank you.

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