Life in Limbo: The Struggling Twenty Something

Welcome to the mind of a grad student with plenty of dreams and passions-who is also stuck in the between-years of the early twenties. Wanting to ‘adult’, but being stuck in a situation which lacks the ability to be independent and free-the way I always imagined ‘adulthood’ as a kid.

So much I want to become, but yet so much of that ‘future ideal person’ depends on these next few years. Finishing grad school this year. Getting into law school. Doing well in law school. Navigating the equestrian world on a zero-income budget. Making time to write my book. Keeping happy, healthy relationships while doing so-and getting married at some point in all this (I’m engaged). This blog is about how I’ll be working through this journey.

It won’t be easy, but I know a lot of you out there are dealing with similar anxieties. Let’s figure out these ‘limbo’ years together. I’ll be attempting many different planning and organization ideas, and sharing my thoughts on the best ones. I’ll be navigating the road to Law School this next year, so I’ll be sharing my study schedule (that will include my study schedule for dealing with grad school as well) and thoughts on the whole process. I’ll also be sharing the day-in-the-life of a working student equestrian: how and WHY every horse-crazy person should keep riding while going to school.

Basically, I’ll be sharing my experiences with the ups & downs of trying to get to ‘the dream’, and hopefully give you tips to navigate your own dream as well.

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