You’re not a kid anymore, you want to actually ‘adult’, and ‘adult’ properly-but, life for our generation is different than our parents. We don’t exactly have the financial freedom or opportunities as before. Most of us are in debt. Most of us earned a degree that still didn’t guarantee us any better of a job without the degree. So, while some of us may be on our own financially-we aren’t exactly where we imagined we’d be as an ‘adult’.

While some of us are done with school & are now living that working-adult life, some of us decided to plunge deeper into the depths of the education beast. We’re in grad school, law school, medical school, nursing-and although we’re certainly not in the same mindset as we were in undergrad, we technically still are ‘college kids’.

Either way, we arn’t exactly the adults we imagined to be. Our adulthood status is pending.